How We Can Help

Our Programs

Have a need? Call Love INC. The first thing you’ll hear is the voice of a caring, well equipped volunteer from one of our partner churches. A volunteer who will take the time to listen and care for you; who will inquire about the presenting need, but also explore the broader context of your situation. Everything we do revolves around relationships because Love INC isn’t just about meeting needs, it’s about meeting people where they are at, and helping them achieve their God-given potential. Here are a few of the ways we do that in our community.

Connection Center

The Love INC Connection Center takes many requests for help each year. These calls are answered by caring volunteers who listen to understand people’s situations and direct them to the most appropriate source of help. This can mean a referral to an area agency or services provided by area churches and volunteers through the Connection Center.

Homes of Hope

Love INC partners with home-owners and churches to provide longer-term, affordable rentals to Love INC families who agree to meet with budget mentors and work towards following a spending and savings plan.

Community Courses

Love INC of Yellowstone County offers a variety of faith-based community classes to help individuals and families grow in their relationships with God and with others. These classes aim to provide practical tools and biblical wisdom to help individuals and families thrive in all areas of their lives. All Life INC classes are held downstairs at The Vineyard Church, 1413 Rosebud Lane.

Gap Ministries

Love INC helps churches build ministries to fill the gaps in services by identifying unmet needs in the community. From baby cribs to financial management classes, we help churches organize services and products to meet real needs without duplicating existing resources. Yet, what is offered is much more than products and services, our relational approach ensures that each person is seen as an individual and offered prayer, encouragement, and ongoing connection.

Prayer Requests

Prayer is an integral part of who we are. Before we start our day, our meetings, or answer any phone calls… we pray. This gives God the opportunity to guide us on what He wants us to do. And we’re never disappointed.​​​ Would you like someone to pray for or with you? Give us a call at 406-206-5896 or submit your prayer request here.