What We Do

Love INC is the bridge between people in need and the church. This solves the problem of connecting Christian resources to people in need. This also solves the problem of churches networking to meet the need.  It is only through the love of Christ living in and reflected by his people that lives, burdened and broken by the world, can be transformed into wholeness.

For our partner churches, we list below what Love INC will do:

  • Provide a gateway to link people with a need in our community to members of the church body who have the ability to meet that need.
  • Maintain a Clearinghouse to provide a coordinated environment for your church body to serve in their local community and to screen and analyze requests for help.
  • Work in collaboration with local agencies and resources that are meeting the needs of our community, being careful not to duplicate those services.
  • Enhance the existing relationship your church has with our community by sending out members of your congregation to serve.
  • Be good stewards of the money, time, and resources that your church chooses to use to meet needs in our community.
  • Transform the lives of your church members by providing ministry opportunities for them to live out the calling of God to serve others.
  • Transform the lives of people in our community by connecting them with people in the body of Christ who have a heart for whatever situation they may be in.

When local churches, united in the purpose of showing Christ’s love in their community, come together, they are a powerful force for transformation, not only to individuals and families, but to the entire community.