Rise To Honor


Love INC “Rise To Honor” Gap Ministry

Love INC Gap Ministries help churches “fill in the gap.” Gap ministries are partnership ministries where the churches work together to meet needs. In Billings, “Rise to Honor” will serve two government-funded nursing homes. The name comes from Leviticus 19:32, “Rise in the presence of the aged and honor the elderly face-to-face”(ISV).

Nursing home residents on average get one visit per month. This Love INC gap ministry invites churches to provide one visit each week, offering a loving relationship that gives the hope of Jesus. Caring for the elderly can be done by anyone who can read aloud, talk about the news, sing songs, cut and style hair, teach art and crafts, play puzzles, preach a sermon, teach a Bible study, play the piano, and the like.

Beginning in October, we are inviting our partner churches to provide store-bought fresh fruit and people who have time to stop by the nursing home to join in the structured ministry activities. Volunteer one time or get on the schedule for once a month or once a quarter. Easy online signup available to pick your activity, date, and time. Click on our website’s Calendar tab and choose your shift. Please join us! Contact office@loveincycmt.org for more details.

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