Redemptive Compassion


As we seek to serve as the bridge between Christian churches and needs in our community, we focus both on the need as well as the person. Our six core principles of Redemptive Compassion guide us:

See everyone’s value.

Invest relationally in others. 

Help everyone achieve their God-given potential and capacity.

Require mutual participation and contribution.

Respond with wisdom and discernment.

Serve in ways that ultimately transform.

A holistic approach includes the spiritual, relational, emotional, and physical needs of a person. Our HelpLine Intake Specialists will take the time to listen to the whole story, listening to the presenting need, and the deeper need. The more we know, the more we know how to help effectively. We use every opportunity to move the person toward the abundant life God offers to them.

We have many churches in our city filled with material resources, volunteers, services, and spiritual resources. They are followers of Jesus who have learned and grown through their own experience, and they desire to walk along with people in their time of struggle, using their gifts and abilities to show God’s love.

Love INC is the bridge connecting people in need to the ministry of Christian churches, and the six core principles of redemptive compassion will permeate our process.


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