Partner Churches

Love INC benefits churches by

  • Connecting Christians with people in need with specific, manageable opportunities so they can fulfill their biblical call to care for the poor and grow in spiritual maturity to be the hands and feet of Jesus
  • Screening and verifying requests for legitimacy so that churches can better steward their resources and stop duplication of assistance
  • Saving the pastor’s time and resources while multiplying ministry efficiency and impact
  • Lessening the strain on any one church as a network of churches join together to meet needs
  • Going beyond simply handing out resources to connecting with people in need and developing relationships
  • Coordinating a more cost-effective approach to ministry  reducing church duplication of existing services already available in the community
  • Coordinating unity among area churches through the sharing of resources and utilization of volunteers to meet needs
  • Offering a unified witness of God’s love as a light to the community—Christian churches working together in the name of Christ

Love INC Partner Church Agreement (PDF) >>

Join us by partnering with people, provision, prayer, and promotion!